Schools Aggregated Network
( SAN)

Mission statement:
Where remote and smaller schools can share their resources in order to lower costs and gain expertise by using lessons learnt by Loops and Colleges to deliver a better digital learning suited to their needs.

How is it possible?
This is all possible by the serendipitous occurrence of a gathering of skilled ICT engineers and educational leadership experience for a project initially called "The Nelson Loop" and later "Crystal" . The SAN project leverages this skill set and experience still further for the benefit of small and rural schools.

What are the outcomes?
The project aims to enable rural and small school's to work together in a manner that allows them to leverage the cost and technical benefits of working together to reach their desired educational goals ... more functionality at less cost.

What is the biggest benefit?
To have a knowledgeable and experienced educational 'Godfather' watching over your ICT developments offering advice and providing support.

How do we join?
Simple ... log onto the Crystal site and make contact with Crystal management.

Who actually does the work

The process is managed by Geoff using his 40 years of teaching and ICT experience.
Tasks are allocated according the the skills needed in the most economic manner ... you will surprised by the savings.
The first task is to document your network and ICT resources.
Once this is completed we work together to archive the schools goals in ICT.

  • Geoff will establish remote access to your network and fix any immediate problems.
  • Sharyn will make the initial contact. her job is to make sure we have all contact information up to date.
    She also sets up a log where all work and ideas are documented.
    This is documented on the Wrangler site.
  • The next task is to document and make an inventory the ICT environment of your school ... this documentation is done at low cost.
    A map of your network with live links to all devices. These tools are also filed on the Wrangler site for your school to access.

Tools and resources
(How we do it!)

The SAN's project is based on a number of practices ...

The basic concept behind ITIL and the 'Good Practice' document is to make sure ICT work is done by the most effective person using the most relevant information.
The SAN's project does this by giving different ITIL level tasks to different people (at the appropriate pay scale) while tracking and documenting progress to ensure work is completed correctly.
In practice Geoff hires different levels of expertise ... resulting in 90% of the work being completed by ITIL level 1 personal.

A common set of Tools (link)
The Loop has developed a set of tools that the SAN's project has developed into a comprehensive suite.

A relevant set of documentation
(Net Wrangler )
Good documentation is the key to managing the SAN's project.
This is the only ongoing task that SAN undertakes ... that of keeping your schools ICT records up to date so that when there is a problem or new work has to be done ... time and resources are not wasted.

The SAN project accesses the Loop's purchasing power.
Crystal has over 15 000 users and access to trade prices which to uses to the schools advantage.